Three lines

July 13, 2006


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I was wondering whether I am ‘clutching at straws’ or have the seeds of the future in my hand. It depends what these seeds communicate‚Ķ (Why a bean pod? The pod is very thin and apparently inedible. The seed is tasteless and just smells green. The seeds are shiny, too.); they remind me of the pill. For a long term future from a plant’s point of view, it is likely that there are plants that have contraceptive qualities for humans, which may be as free and abundant as these seeds.


July 3, 2006

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It is not surprising that if you live in a country for many years, your thinking may become like those around you. I live in a country where people tend to be rather fatalist; in fact, the culture is characterised by a type of music and general notion called ‘Fado’. Why don’t you choose your happiness instead of your fate? I would beam at those around me, It is just a question of knowing (or remembering) you have a choice!

Passing mist

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I believe that each of us has a ‘home from home’; that is, a sacred place within. Knowing that such a place exists keeps you happy. It allows you to withstand injustice and potentially devastating human actions. Nevertheless, just like a ‘Mountain of Grace’, it can become hidden by the mist. I realise now why I haven’t been writting lately: the mist has fallen and I have been living in a black and white world.

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