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March 18, 2006

A camellia?

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A camellia?

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Accompanying someone with a passion for camellias is not the easiest of
tasks. Here is my dog doing his best to be one. Camellias are known to be
fluid such that the flowers change, and so you are witnessing the world’s
first camellia-dog!


March 9, 2006

Thursday, March 9, 2006

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Lately, I have noticed that, as a parent, it is natural to take an interest in your children and that you really begin to notice the apparent vacuum that is created as they begin to draw away from you. Hence, keeping the balance between them and areas of one’s development as an individual is critical to well being. In short, while it is important to support your children’s dreams and aspiration, it is important to keep sight of your own birth vision.

March 3, 2006

Friday, 03 March 2006

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I awoke in a dream, where I was pointing out the relevance of a picture of a priest to a general theme on professions, except that the priest wasn’t wearing a cross but a key – the key symbolises that in any walk of life, a revelation is possible. It opens a door in that particular area, which reveals a precious insight for human existence. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether the area is work, leisure or study; there is an area of common interest. Perhaps, the revelations can be summed up in the exclamation: ‘Life is beautiful!’

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